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Free Online Greeting Card Sites

Irregular.com Hate Mail- Twisted e-greetings for those looking to quit their jobs, break up with their partners or just email some offbeat cynicism.

Amazon E-cards - The leading online retailer opens a new chapter by offering a series of animated cards.

Blue Mountain Arts - The original, and still the most popular, online greeting card site. .

Yahoo! Cards - The world's most popular online destination offers up quite a few timely greetings.

MP3 Music Greetings - Choose from MP3.com's wide library of song files to send a greeting with a beat to it.

Islands of Adventure Postcards - Are you Ready to send picture postcards of some of the greatest new thrill rides at Islands of Adventure?

Siteclopedia e-cards - Powered by 123Greetings, here is a wide assortment of cards from Siteclopedia.com.


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